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From July 2014, ETIT[nwpro] LTD, together in partnership with the Nagykanizsa Chamber of Industry are awaiting the students doing system administration and web-programming courses on the Vocational and Technical College Zsigmond Széchenyi Institute to spend their one month mandantory trainee programme on a work-together. As a valuable and reliable training-partner, we provide supervised real-life worktasks for the students. Also starting from july, ETIT[nwpro] LTD employs disabled persons under the scope of TÁMOP tender, having good multilingual skills (English, German) in the communication and some office ancillary areas. All of these steps we want to emphasize the importance of a profit-maker undertaking be committed towards improving the local environment. 

Our mission, vision & social engagement

Our goal is to prove that IT security is not technology mystical concept, and not an unrealistic requirement, even for the smaller-budget organizations, but rather a foundation. This goal cannot be achieved without education and safety-conscious attitudes, so we not only know, but also teach a variety of information technological aspects. Through our own research projects, we are involved in the Research & Development segment, therefore we place great emphasis on training and self-education, and also "the youth education" We passionately believe, that open source implementations, and the transparent operation of the systems, together with user-training is the key to the security of the digital world. Our highly qualified staff with many years of theoretical and practical experience, are happy to help our customers. The ETIT [nwpro] LTD is committed to retaining the valuable Hungarian workforce, therefore together with the Pannon University, we carried out in close cooperative relationship with the talented young engineers from Nagykanizsa and Veszprém, to help students into employment as quickly as possible. In addition we welcome companies, registration of individuals who are interested in the the IT industry of Finland, furthermore looking for cultural, social and business relationships. 


We are constantly waiting for the application of young, multilingual (mainly English, German), talented IT engineers in the follwoing positions: DETAILS