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The IT is not a job for us, but profession


Nowadays the IT system became so important infrastructural element (water, electricity), that safety and secure operation fundamentally define a Country, a city, an institute, an enterprise efficiency and success in European Union, so an IT system install and maintenance need appropriate knowledge and experience. Our goal is to prove that IT security is not technology mystical concept, and not an unrealistic requirement, even for the smaller-budget organizations, but rather a foundation. This goal cannot be achieved without education and safety-conscious attitudes, so we not only know, but also teach a variety of information technological aspects. Through our own research projects, we are involved in the Research & Development segment, therefore we place great emphasis on training and self-education, and also "the youth education" We passionately believe, that open source implementations, and the transparent operation of the systems, together with user-training is the key to the security of the digital world. Our highly qualified staff with many years of theoretical and practical experience, are happy to help our customers. The ETIT [nwpro] LTD is committed to retaining the valuable Hungarian workforce, therefore together with the Pannon University, we carried out in close cooperative relationship with the talented young engineers from Nagykanizsa and Veszprém, to help students into employment as quickly as possible. In addition we welcome companies, registration of individuals who are interested in the the IT industry of Finland, furthermore looking for cultural, social and business relationships.



As in the water system it is only possible to make efficient, economical system/service with fitting together element, so that is more true for the IT, and the parallel is not accidental. In an enterprise life the IT is like the water for men. And as the water system is a SYSTEM, so the IT infrastructure build up from not simple islands: network, website, access control system, telephone, data security - but these system in optimal case work together, complete each other. Accordingly for this, the ETIT[nwpro] KFT offer complete solutions for the SME sector. IT devices and solutions acquisition, operation, installation belongs to the “IT solutions” (water system elements are taps, screws, pipes, installation). But for an enterprise system to be efficient and custom-made, and in the daily routines the information flow be secure, the IT life cycle every element be hand-held, to men can use and well use the installed system need the “information management” (where to be the water taking place, what kind of seal needed, for whom let to take the water, what quality of well take the water, save the water from a dripping water tank or dump with it, maybe welding, which is the hot water tap, which is the cold water tap). If these are working, then it need to be not just good, but beautiful, all this need to be done, to search for the new solutions in the meantime. In this help our “marketing solutions”. (How offer the water to the partner? There are different, drink leftover water from a puddle or drinking from the garden tap or maybe from a crystal glass)



Unlike the accelerated world advertisement yet is true for the IT, to only regularly, paying attention maintained system can perform their duties. The ETIT[nwpro] KFT provide human scale, one-dot services, where not need to spend half hour at customer service telephone centre to listen music. We believe in personal contact with our customers and the more simple communication (for every problem 1-2 authorized personnel, who can understand the problem from half words and knows the system) and with the help of the experience and the continuous self-education, we can respond efficiently for the world challenges. By the ETIT[nwpro] KFT represented SAFETY-CONSCIOUS attitude in every situation we strive to instead of the cheapest and most simple solution we use the possibly most secure solution, because nowadays the most valuable resource is the information. We provide these services the customer do not need to know the most different IT concepts, because we guarantee for our jobs easily understandable conditions. It is important to see, there are no perfect program or perfect device either, there are no general panacea. However the “big” manufacturers solutions are too general, and that is why rather expensive and resource intensive or need a full educated crew for the application, which expenses not affordable for a small or a medium enterprise, that is why many times born “unowned” half solutions, which can not be used for continuous and reliable operation. That is why, knowing the Hungarian conditions, we relies heavily on freeware and open source (so in operation verifiable, easily repairable) program-systems, however we are aware of advantages of the “paying” solutions too, but we not committed us for a manufacturer. Keep in mind the verifiability and traceability, we make from our job detailed documentation and report.



Most enterprises have affect not just itself, but it environment and during operation for the whole society too. So by ETIT[nwpro] KFT designated target is NOT the even higher profit generating, but, not free from political overtones, build a “BETTER FUTURE” active participation. The ETIT[nwpro] KFT wanted to be an employer, a workplace, where employees also share from the produced profit, that not endanger the enterprise business and development (but not at all cost development). So naturally the responsibility is shared between employees, that is the enterprise all performance will be suitable, in case of employees attitude and skill is suitable too. Respectively even more important, employees doing their work with pleasure and give their best for the work, because after the bed we spend most of our life in the workplace. ETIT[nwpro] KFT priority are education and self-education and support employees pursuit that goal. As a long-term goal is a medium enterprise at country (not seat at Budapest and mainly concentrating customers, who are outside Budapest area), that beyond general IT system maintenance, planning, installing, provide specialized services more area, to properly react for the different small and medium enterprise needs. Specialized services, secure networks installation, highly reliable data base system installation with guarantee. Cooperation with Pannon University and various research tender the IT system protection and information management, possibly in IT environment technology area wanted to achieve results with involvement of local researchers.