ETIT[network professionals] KFT HQ
Open source, open mind
We are working with complex networks
IT security and compliance
Business and IT process Optimization, Processmanagement
From wireless to Fiber optics
ETIT[nwpro]: Connected Systems | Connected People
Our Values: Passion to deliver • Experience • Service • Quality solutions • Business ethos

Our won tenders:

  1. Deminimis (small value)
  2. NFA-2013-KKV
  3. NYDOP-1.2.1
  4. GOP2.2.4

Total won sum: 13.276.258,- HUF



  1. Our Deminimis (small value) tenders:
    • TÁMOP 1.1.2-11/1
      Description: For establishing new workplaces- and keeping existing ones
      Won sum: 4.174.170,- HUF
      Term: 2013.04.01 - 2015.03.31
    • TÁMOP 1.1.1
      Description: Establish new workplace for disabled people
      Won sum: 700.000,- HUF
      Term: 2014.05.01 - 2014.11.28.
    • NFM/7587/2 (2012)
      Descripton: Keep up base number of employees on the same level for 2 years
      Won sum: 500.000,- HUF
      Term: 2012.11.01 - 2014.10.31
  2. NFA-2013-KKV
    Description: Support for SMBs' investment in new employees
    Won sum: 3.629.168,- HUF
    Details: Fiber splicer and OTDR devices, and increasing the number of
    employees by 2
  3. NYDOP-1.2.1
    Description: For Proficient and efficient SMBs, project No.:
    Won sum: 1.700.000,- HUF
    Description: Marketing plan, company strategy, process policy, and
    market analysis had been made by Goodwill Consulting LTD
  4. GOP-2.2.4
    Description: Support by the EU and hungarian Government to ETIT[nwpro]
    LTD for increasing competitiveness
    Won sum: 2 572 920,- HUF
    Term: 2013.01.01. - 2013.06.30.